2003-05-10 01:20:55 (UTC)

Still Recovering

I enjoyed my day today, as I continue to recover from a
combination of lung infection and pneumonia. John and I
went to Albany first, buying bread at the thrift store (on
sale, three loaves for a dollar), Costco where he picked out
a lovely bouquet of flowers for me as an early Mother's Day
gift, to the bank, the office supply, hardware and feed
stores (I stayed in the car and knit while John took
care of the last four chores), then a list of small items at
Fred Meyers (replacement brake light for his truck, new
toothbrushes, orange juice on sale with a coupon, a new
collar for Sugar, an inexpensive pedometer for me) and to
G.I Joes to get a part John needed for something, some
batteries and I bought one of those long, leash like things
old ladies wear around their necks so they can take
off and put on their reading glasses.

Then on to Corvallis. We took the route next to the river,
a winding country road. I enjoyed watching the hawks
circling over the fields and admired how beautiful
the light was. We got rid of the recycling, checked out the
Folk Club for any good finds but left without coming across
any, to the library for books, and then out to lunch with
Gavin and Owen. By then it was 2 p.m. I was getting tired
by then so that was well and good. Time to head home.

John unloaded the van and I put things away, made him a cup
of coffee, looked through the mail (nothing interesting
there), checked my e-mail, emptied the dishwasher of the
dishes I'd run through before we left and took a brief
nap before starting dinner.

I am starting to feel better even after all that. I've
taken my temperature several times today and twice it was
under 100 which is good.

John's first scheduled day to go back to work is Sunday,
Mother's Day. I know there are several women he works with
who are mothers and who don't bake (how could they have time
taking care of their families and working 12 hour shifts?)
but who like pie so I'm going to make an apple pie for him
to bring to work for them. I thought that was an
appropriate choice. Apple pie and motherhood and all that.

At Fred Meyers a woman was setting a table up outside the
store to sell red paper poppies for Memorial Day which isn't
for a couple of weeks yet. She was still setting up so I
didn't get one but I know there will be table in front of
Safeway in Junction City soon so I'll be sure to get a poppy
there before the holiday.