REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-05-09 23:56:05 (UTC)

great adventure was awsome

hey guys..sx flags kiked ass it was awsome! except for
people that were TO CONTROLLING! lol but its ok cause i
still made the best of it...i went on these rides:

-great american scream machine
-ferris wheel
-spin miester
-that log thing..not sure wat it is
-run away train
-carousal lol

thats it. we couldnt go on superman cause when we got on
the line...when we were half way there, it develpoed
*technical difficulties* so that was messed up. the madusa
line was huge..so we couldnt og on that... and vipers line
was to big..and i wanted to go on that. we had alot of
trouble with our group *cnflicts* but me nd vanessa were
the life lol. yeah and i hung out with nick:) it was cool.
not for long though only for a lil bit. it was
coooooool..the free food wasnt that great but it was good
for free! and i had dippen dots!! mMMmMmmMMMmmm lol..now
my next highlight is may 30! vanessa*heather..and my
birthdaY! I WANT GROOVEY GIFTS GUYS!!! lol! oh yeah i
gotta make that list...the birthday list! w00t w00t! im
sooooo tired guys..my feet hurt! i took mad pics.

-class of o3! madD mEmZ