Meesa and Leglin's secret pi

moshing kiwis
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2003-05-09 22:25:57 (UTC)

mutal monkey do-ers...just joshing with ya, beastiality's not our thing.

alrighty, so this is meg. well, honestly, leesa's writing
too so whoever's entry is done first will be the one to
really say "WELCOME TO INSANITY, FRIENDS!" oh joy, doesn't
it make you feel special?
well, background information on the great meesa and leg?
kk, we met in good 'ol grade 7, since then we've been
friends. but it's quite interesting cuz i remember she came
into the class with caya and mr. davis asked where they
could sit and all and melissa said caya could sit with her
and she'd show her around the school, and i remember being
nervous and wanting leesa to be my new-kid-buddy but not
speaking up so mr davis just happened to move her in the
seat infront of me. from then on we would make paper boxs
and pass notes from day in to day out. man, those were the
eeee-gad! jerry springer is distracting!...ick...
i want my brothers to leave the room so i can listen
to "my sherona" without listening to their whining...blah.
hmmm...well, this was our idea becuz there's toooooo many
ppl who know us and they go and talk shite about you and
then you read it and you say "screw your opinion, i don't
care" and then you write about them and they freak out like
it's world war three and the manopoly man is missing and
who will save us all?!??!?!?!?!...criky, so we said "fa-ah-
a-ah-a-ah-a-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-ka you fish-girl!" and
did it all on our own where none of those lingcods can find
us. ahahahahahaha! go suck a halibat's flipper, vice-y!
*cough cough cough* did i say that all out loud? no, i mean
to say, we just loooooooooooove our dear ol' flat fish,
we're not putting this journal in a place she'll never find
it. noooooooo, not at all, though i've just remembered
jesus's journal and i haven't read it in months, that's
hidden from coddy too, probably.
well, leesa's very happy with her new Bowling Boy Ball
Butt Boy, i don't blame her, i'd like to meet his friends
too. he's wicked, that's me, he's
just cool and funny, a real yogi for leesa's pic-a-nick
basket. i've had a taste of tucans, hedgehogs, turtles and
such, but it just doesn't work for me...i do like ps2, but
that's minor and as for fennels, that's huge but impossible
becuz he's got a taste for fish...sickening poor
little "vegan wannabe" me...i still don't understand why
hunter's got to be SUCH a mondo-bitch on attack-mode, i may
cheat out of my vegan-ism now and then for things like
easter, but i'm trying, and she's the one who labels
herself as a punk and a skater, im just me, and let me tell
ya something me and fennels discussed this afternoon while
i sat at the table, skipping out of caffetria clean-up
class: labels are for posers. if you really were "punk"
or "hippy" or "goth" or whatever to the core, you wouldn't
say you were, you'd still just say you were yourself,
because you wouldn't care about being so "hardcore gothic"
or whatever because you were just being yourself. so why
does everyone label each other? well, leesa and me don't
label ourselves, i'm not even sure if we're not even sure
if we're really human......m-m-m-my sherona!m-m-m-my
sherona! my-my-my! sherona! omigai senshi, finish
would you like a list of characters that we know in our
life? alright here it is:
1.) fish(or anything to do with a fish): girl with sudden
freak-out trait, likes to fuck over everyone's lives as
long as she gets what she wants, faked a pregnancy for
attenion and hopes of getting back her asshole ex-
boyfriend...only she had about 5/6 different stories of how
the baby died....fucked in the head eh? she's in therapy
and yet she's still fucked up...that's bad.

we'll continue the list later....