Meesa and Leglin's secret pi

moshing kiwis
2003-05-09 22:25:54 (UTC)

Hello Hello and welcome

Hello hello all you chidren of the corn and spider webs
and whatever you modern age children are calling it these
days. Me and Meghan are sharing a journal nowadays, yup,
it all started when we wanted to vent, but i think instead
of just venting it should be a journal in general which is
usually just venting You can call me Leesa,
Leesa-bee or lee, and meghan is, meglin, meg, meg-
ham..........and thousands more, but stick to meg, she
likes it, its unique and normal at the same time. Meg and
I have been friends since I moved to this little place way
back in grade 7, we always fought, but in the end we have
stuck through, and have many great stories to tell because
of my, ya, so meghan is awesome, i
really admire her artistic skills. The way she writes,
she has such a great way to word things or tell stories,
or take things that are boring and taken for granted and
she can turn it all around and make it all totally
intriguing and wordy and exciting with a whole new
meaning. Also, when I'm reading something of hers it
sounds soooo intelligent and convincing and nicely put. I
dunno, i love it. Also, her art, she draws these fairies
that are ultimately amazing, and they are magical. She
can draw soo well, and on top of it all she's extremely
creative, so, even though she's not the best at math, she
has a god given talent for english and art. she's awesome
to hang around with. She's a vegan too, which is kewl,
you have to have soo much self control to do that, she
cant eat chocolate or icecream, and she's a
Anyways, ya, kewl kewl, then there's me, im just kind a
plian boring 16 year old who always gets herself into a pretty average person you
could say, nothing intriguing..........
Anyways, my vent of the day.............damn stupid
controlling boyfriends.....well my boyfriend is kewl, and
i like him soooo much, its weird, i've always been one not
to do the whole 'liking guys' thing, but i really like
this one...anyways.....i can see that he doesnt want me to
go to prom with another guy, but he gets kinda jealous
when i hang around guy friends or talk to them, he doesnt
say anything anymore about it, but i can see it in his
eyes, i guess i would be like that too, but it bugs the
hell out of me that i cant be well, it
goes further, but its probably all paranoid made up in my
head stuff, its weird, im actually afraid to lose him, ive
seriously never felt that way about a boyfriend........i
do that with all my friends though, id never want to
betray their trust...or hurt them, cause i love my
friends.......another thing is vici is being manipulative,
sometimes i'd just like to tell her to run her own life
for a while, but she has a good heart, my motto is
everyone has a good heart, they do, i think so, even
though some may seem a bit egotistical at times...they
still have problems and things that make them happy and an
urge to make things better for at least someone, and ya, i
think thats having a good heart, so sometimes people are
ready to kill me cause whenever they start talking bad
behind someones back i'm like 'they have a good heart' a
lot of the time i have nothing against the person, i dont see why people fight, maybe i am
blind and i dont see it, but people just dont piss me off
like they do to other people, for example sarah
and meg, lately sarah has had such a attitude toward meg,
its soo wierd, oh well, people get older and they change,
life goes on, lol, but meghan is getting IMPATIENT, so
ttyl..i'll write more later.........I LOVE

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