Fun Size

Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
2003-05-09 22:02:02 (UTC)

more stuff... yet again

Today was good. Yup, no fights, no getting my ass kicked.
I did get sent home though. I was "sleep deprived".
whatever. early weekend for me. i came home and slept and
when i woke up it was 12. then i just sat around and
listend to music. thats what i call a friday afternoon.
after my friends got out of school i went and hung out
with derek till like 5. then he went and saw a movie. he
is comming back at 8 though. that'll be fun. right now i
just got finished with sabanty. we swore off doing stupid
things. i hope i keep up with it. some kids will say i
can't do it coughmichellecough. but i think i can. i'm
getting ready to go for a run. i'm sick of being lazy. who
am i kidding. you can take the kyle outta lazy but you
can't take the lazy outta kyle. wow that made no sense
what so ever. i think that kid still wants to hurt me...
so i have to look out for myself.

later fun size