Love is an Addiction
2003-05-09 21:14:16 (UTC)


dear diary,

all this time you been hearin about how much I love
jonathon and How I can't do with out him but I don't kno
lately hes changed he like ask me to do stupid stuff and
then he gets mad at me if I don't do it.Hes not my master
I'm not gonna be controlled if he was readin this he would
probably be sayin woooooooo mia's bein demandin I'm just
sayin its stupid,every1 is sayin hes usin the fact that I
like him to get whatever he wants and to make me do what
ever he wants I don't know I just don't think jonathon
would do that to me.or it could just be that its rainy
outside there hasn't been a rainy day that weve talked on
and hadn't gottin into atleast a little fight its like rain
triggers his evil side my mad side.I told myself I wouldnt
talk 2 him on days like this cuz I know this was gonna
happen I guess I'm just tryin2 except thats how its gonna
be on these kinda days forget about it why can't he let
this simple thing go?

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