I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2003-05-09 20:38:51 (UTC)

Thank You

To all of you who left me kind notes. Yes, I'm fine. I am.
It just caught me off guard. He wanted to chat and see how
I was and so on. And reading the email was ok, but he
included a picture of him and his new puppy and when I saw
him........I just went blank. I didn't know what to feel
or to do or anything at all. But today is another day and
the sun is out and it's disgustingly hot and life goes on.

But this is why I have such a huge problem with
meaningless sex. It makes me feel unloved, unwanted,
dirty, and numerous other sad adjectives.

There is another time that something similar happened to
me, but I'm not ready to talk about that. Maybe one day...

Thank you all again. I appreciate your listening. That is
all I needed....for someone to listen.


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