ton o galaxy
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2003-05-09 16:29:07 (UTC)

day two of non smoking...

i've heard people say that they get bitchy when they don't
smoke. I guess that's what i'm going through. I woke up
wanting to strangle my roommate. He was asking for it
though. Saying my name over and over at 8;30. It's like
having a kid...see?

I'm a little worried about money right now too. i started
my job, the eight dollars an hour job, with no promise of
tips job. Scary. i can already feel the strain. I just need
to trust the system. My system. I'm leading myself into a
better place...right?

All these qustions and uncertainty. Smoking is not good.
Learning a new trade is. Meeting people and going on dates
is good.

if i can just not smoke for three days...