Lets talk about life
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2003-05-09 14:39:46 (UTC)


Hey everyone sorry i havent written in awhile, but i have
been really busy..First off i ma datin a guy named
barry..he is nice but one thing..i cant trust him cuz of
his past..the next thing is that my friends r talkin shit
on me..i got so pissed last night that i punched a
wall..then i got even worse this mornin when he told me he
loved me after four days of datin..he had made plans to
screw my friend Maria before we started datin and yesturday
he was at my house then he said he was goin to go home to
change out of his gym cloths..he left around 5:30pm with
maria and maria was suppose to have a baseball
game and she didnt go cuz she was with my b/f and i am truly pissed off and dont want too many
people to bother me..My friend Jean is in SSC i was there
yesturday and she is in there with my b/f and she likes all
the guys that i date..Randy was the guy i was suppose to
date but that changed cuz i was forced to date barry..i
mean i like barry but i like randy more and now randy is
datin my friend amanda t and then he is goin to date my
friend jean then me..ok i can deal with that..i will be ok
with is just i dont know what barry could have
done last night with maria cuz she is a hoe..and barry has
a history of cheating on his girls..i have to go back down
to os today to finish my convo with mrs. staufferd..when
she found out i was datin him she wanted to have a nice
long chat with me..she doesnt want me datin him cuz he is
always gettin in trouble and she doesnt want that to happen
to me..she is so nice to me..i love her..she is always
there for me too..if i had a problem i could go to her for is prom and cassie leaves school early to get her
nails and hair done..she is goin to look beautiful with
that white dress on..i wish i was goin but i am
anywho i will find someone to go with next year..saturday
is when my mom gets back from Guadamela and in two weeks
william is goin to purpose to her..she is goin to be so
happy..yesturday i was chillin with randy in my alley just
layin there lookin up at the ceilin..he had told me that
doin that was what he considered girlfriend/boyfriend time,
but we r not datin and he asked if barry ever did this with
me and i said no but i would like him to but i dont think
that that would ever happen cuz i might be breakin up with
him..i feel like i am ready about to cry but i am goin to
hold it in..why does all this shit have to happen to me..i
hate sux gigantic balls...anywho i am goin to go cuz
comp lit is almost yall..
oh and if u got advice on what i should do about barry
please do tell..