The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-05-09 12:40:21 (UTC)

Fri 9 May 2003: My weird dog, pt 4

Cricket came to the vet today. We brought her for an
emergency visit because, three days ago, she had a
seizure. I guess she's had them before but they were mini-
mauls so I didn't recognize it. One of my friends said
Cricket had a seizure a month and a half ago but, at the
time, I ignored her because she has a habit of transferring
all her traits onto other people, so I didn't take her

This one was real though. She was acting weird all
day--I just thought she was coming down with something--and
then she was lounging on my floor on her side and went all
stiff and trembled and then was stiff again. It was real
quick and I called her when she relaxed and she acted like
she was fine. But the next two days she was so exhausted.
I've never seen her like that. I was cooking and she was
just lying on the floor and didn't even hop up to greet
Ryan when he came in. She barely even looked up at him.
The vet says this is called an "aura" and it means the time
surrounding the seizure the dog might feel weird or even
have hallucinations. That's one way to tell one is
coming. I feel really bad for scolding her for growling at
imaginary people outside now. I just thought she was
being brat.

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