The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-05-09 12:34:20 (UTC)

Fri 9 May 2003: My weird dog, pt 3

So apparantly Cricket has been hiding the fact that
she's actually intelligent. I saw her use problem solving
techniques twice in the past two weeks, in ways that none
of our three poodles were even smart enough to do.

First, she was running around while I was gardening
and she got her leash wrapped all around the clothesline
poles. I was going to let her wait while I finished my
garden before I untangled her but she didn't want to wait
for me, so she leaned to the left, leaned to the right,
felt give, and ran the right way to untangle herself. She
then unwrapped herself from the rest of the posts.

Second incident, it was night and I attached her to
her leash, which was hung on the inside of the house. She
went to the bathroom and hopped up on the porch to come
back inside. The porch has slats between the boards and
her leash caught and wedged in between two of them. I
mutterd, "aw crap" and started putting my shoes on. She
watched the door for a few seconds and decided I wasn't
going to help her, so she hopped back off the porch and
then back up. That didn't dislodge the leash so she hopped
off again and, this time, leaned backwards against the pull
of the leash before hopping back up. She repeated this
three times before I got outside and (barely--it was stuck
so tight I had to pull with all my strength) dislodged the