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2003-05-09 08:48:30 (UTC)

Peach Fuzz

And so the time tick tocks down to 5 am and im still up
because I can't sleep for shit. This day goes down in
Renzo history as yet another stiff by me who pretty soon
is going to have the whole world against him in a war I
term "The Boys of Stiffville versus The One Man Army". I
guess its alright cause I said so. Yeah that's right
bitch. Ok so I'm at a loss of what to write. What with
my two gay uncles now the world seems like such a perfect
place! I'm glad that Andrew called but why do I feel like
this is going to be the same old thing of i like them,
they don't like me, they like me, i don't like them.
Hmm. Peach yogurt chews taste good.


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