Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-05-09 05:56:19 (UTC)

a day of rain

i rode my bike to work in the rain
it was swell, and man do my legs
kill... i wore my shorts today, and
i had some chick say nice legs

lol, that was funny, i may be heavy
topside, but i have legs of sculpted
iron, i think it's from all that
time when i was 9 til 21 when i
used to do nothing but ride my bike
everywhere, actually, i didn't have
a bike the last 3 years, but i still
have great legs!!

i've always gotten compliments about
my legs, my eyebrows, my eyes, and
sometimes my voice. which is nice.
very nice, sometimes i wonder why
i am so damned down on myself, and
then i remember, i am too damned
fat on the upper body side...

tomorrow is finally kungfu, and some
weight training for an hour. then
sunday is choy le fut and more
weight training, and then monday
wednesday and fridays and sundays
will be my excercise days, with me
riding to work on my bike, i should
loose most of the weight and build
some nice lean muscle by the end of
summer... yay...

now all i have to do is work on the
eating habit thing, no more pepsi,
no more burgers, and more chicken
and rice, soups, and no more bread
stuff, and no more fried food unless
it's stir fry...

i feel damned good...

must be the rain... i do enjoy going
in the rain, i love the rain...

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