48 shades of darkness
2003-05-09 04:13:04 (UTC)


I got bitched at again for no fucking reason!so what,the
truth hurts,don't blame me for pointing it out!I'm you
scapegoat, but fuck that shit!I'm sick of it I'm sick of
everything! why must you treat me like that loser? I know I
am but it's all because of you! I know you love me but you
don't really show it.I do good but receive nothing! That's
why your kids are so fucked up, you never show fucking
support! Well sometimes,but with bullshit meaningless
shit.fuck this shit, I am sick of it, I can't wait to get
away,but I'm a loser so everyone says.So I'll never leave
here,I hope I do, But if I don't, I will some way or