*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-05-09 01:29:35 (UTC)

God Bless Meat

OMG! Last night, because of my wierd sleeping pattern, I
was up REALLY late and watching Leno and Conan and stuff
and OMG, guess who was on Leno??? SHIA!! As in from Holes
and Even Stevens! OMG. Ok, in Even Stevens he has a little
fro and in Holes it's kinda long and stuff, but on Leno, it
was short and spikey and he had a very cool baggy ((but not
too baggy)) pants with Vans and a black "vintage" t-shirt
with a white shirt that you could see a little bit about
the collar and below the bottom seam. Very skater-pat-
scarpati thing going on. I now am officially crushing on
him! LoL. I am such a dork. Ok, his name is Shia LaB--- I
don't know the B-word. And so Shia is Yiddish for gift from
god, and the LaB-- is French for beef, so together his name
means God Bless Beef. HAHA! His parents were and are
hippies! HAHA!