A Sex Hungry Slut
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2003-05-08 21:22:26 (UTC)


Wow, talk about getting right back to it. Lastnight I
finally met a guy named Scott that I had been chatting with
for awhile. The crazy thing was that all of our
conversations before the meeting has been normal non sexual
stuff. When he came over it wasn't long until we were
making out on the couch. After awhile we went to my
bedroom. I starting sucking cock. (It wasn't all that
big - but it wasn't too disappointing either - I've had
worse). He slapped my ass once. I loved it. I needed him
to do it again over and over again harder and harder. I
made sure that everytime he did it I moaned louder and put
my ass up in the air farther. He definetly got the hint.
My ass is hot, red and sore today. I've never felt
better. He had some fun with my asshole. Some hard fun
with my asshole. The first time he used his thumb in it
through my pants... so I had his thumb in my ass along with
a nice portion of my pants. Nice. My asshole hurts today

He stayed all night. I got barley any sleep. Just as I'd
fall asleep his cock would be slipped into my mouth... or
I'd get a nice hard spanking.

I love being a fucking whore.

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