my so called life
2003-05-08 21:17:06 (UTC)

Phoebe's sad good bye

well, my exam went pretty well! :)
Task four was MUCH easier than it's been the last couple of
years, so I was really happy! I know a few silly mistakes
I've made, but nothing too big. I'm hoping on a good
grade :)

When I woke up yesterday morning I felt really ill, but I
couldn't stay home, cause then I would have to come back to
Trondheim this summer to take the exam. The make-up examn
usually is at the end of the summer break, and Ben and I
are planning to go to Rhodes when he gets home, so I had to
go. I rode my bike to school, and it was windy and my ears
got really cold so I was worried I'd might get worse.
Earache really suck! And when I sat down at my desk, I felt
dizzy and really tired, so I was a bit worried! But when I
got my examination paper, I just focused on that and forgot
about everything else. I had brought lunch; brown bread
with brown cheese (I AM after all Norwegian;) and I ate it
at the beginning of my exam, so it gave me energy. So when
I just got my mind focused on the tasks, it went well. And
I am happy :)

After the exam I hung out with my friends for a while and
then I just went home cause I wasn't feeling well. I'm
always exhausted after exams, and since I was sick from the
beginning, I felt terrible. I hide to ride my bike all the
way home, which is a lot of steep hills. Phew!
The rest of the day I just relaxed and watched tv.

Today I slept in and after breakfast I went to my friend
Kirsti's place. We just hung out and she made me dinner
(hamburgers) since I was ill :)
When I got home I watched an old episode of Friends I've
downloaded. I hadn't seen it before. It was season seven,
it was called the one with all the cheesecake, I think.
Phoebe met her old boyfriend David, who was a scientist and
had to go to Russia. He was back in New York for the day,
and he and Phoebe went to dinner before he had to go back
to Russia. They didn't know if they'd ever see each other
again. The good-bye scene was so sad! I know how hard it is
to say good-bye to the one you love, but at least I know
when I get to see him again. Phoebe actually gets to see
him again in a later episode, but anyway. It was so sad and
I couldn't hold back my tears. And I missed Ben SO much. My
baby.. :*

Tonight I've been working on my website, I posted the
computer game I made for school, so now everyone can play
it. I hope someone does :)
Now I'm going to bed and tomorrow I'll sleep in and try to
get well. One of my friends is coming over in the evening,
so I hope I'm feeling ok.

I hate not talking to Ben.. I miss him!!
Take care everyone.. and give me feedback, I love that :)