REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-05-08 20:42:11 (UTC)

physics day

dude i cant wait till tomarrow! its the great adventure
trrip! you know what suxs though? the buses got changed.
thats gay! cause now i dont get to chill wit my two best
guy friends!! billy and nick:) there the best!!!!! yeah im
soooooooooo hyyppperrrrrr! today softball got cancled
cause of the rain. i hope it doesnt rain tomarrow cause
thats gonna suck. yeah i actually went ot band today since
there was no softball! yep yep. we suck..i think so
atleast. im not goin to the band trip either! 61
bucks..dun got that kinda money! plus my parents got
something planned for me cause my birthday. so there goes
that. dude ya know? this day went supery dupery slow lol!
yea..i dunno what to right. my cell fone ran out of
battery today..if anyone cares...um..ally bajore is
awsome! shes my mofo yes she is. i



how grovey does that look! it took up alot of space thats
why i did it. and now i am out like you in a beauty
pagent! i love you all...fair well:)