All That I Am
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2003-05-08 19:16:32 (UTC)


Okay this whole laziness thing that I had going on
yesterday....well, its seeped into today because I feel
like curling up on the couch and taking a 24hr nap. I just
don't have anything in the tank. I implemented my new ab
workout yesterday, ya know switching it up to keep things
interesting, and I think my stomach is just going to tear
open! I'm in so much pain right now, it's just great.
That's when ya know muscle is growing....or that I really
did tear something....who cares. I ate a damn grapefruit
this morning too. My goodness, that is far and away the
nastiest fruit in the whole world! Nastier than bananas!
It's a ruby red grapefruit so at first it's all sweet and
good but then about 5 seconds later the bitter after taste
kicks in and I just wanted to spit that shit out! Gross!
Why do the healthy foods have to be so damn gross!

Lol, this poor guy just got busted for looking at porn on
his computer, lol! Bill, the boss, just came up and was
like, "Will you need to keep an eye on these guys because I
just walked by and this guy had his monitor turned around
and it had porn all over it!". Now, Bill's telling me this
but he's talking in a semi-loud voice and drawing attention
and the guy is all embarrassed now and is saying, "It
wasn't my porn it was in my email". Lol, too funny. Bill is
funny, he doesn't quite have the whole customer service
thing down yet. The porn guy (lol) had some serious gaps in
his teeth too and I've seen him before....kinda cute
actually, about my age but his teeth are a turn off....even
though they say people with gaps are freaky in bed! I guess
that's why he's the porn guy, lol. Poor guy.

Anywho, so I've decided to take it easy with all the meat
now. I just realized how much red meat I've been eating in
the past month or so and it's just pathetic because that
shit has so much cholesterol and's just not
healthy so I'm not doing the vegetarian thing again
necessarily but I'm going to make a conscious effort to cut
back. Why does the greasy fatty food have to taste so damn
good! Aaarrgggg! Thank god for tuna.

Okay I'm all off track now so I'm going to grab some lunch.