My Little World
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2003-05-08 15:12:17 (UTC)

Vodka Shots

hehe, another random title! haha.... Yeah so things are
going good here, The day is going by really fast and i
really like that!! i cant wait for tomorrow to be over
with! i want to see Allen soooo bad!! i miss him more
than anything!! i would tell you what i am doing for him
for his birthday, but incase he would happen to get his
computer fixed, i am ganna wait and tell ya'll later! hehe
So yeah, i have 1/2 and hour left in study hall and nothing
to do....i suppose i should search for a mothers day poem
to read in church on sunday...but i can do that after im
done writing this... so yeah!! i am really hungry and i
want to go home! It will be nice when school is done for
the summer!! i just want to be able to go and spend my
summer vacation with Allen down at Matagamon! I will
hopefully have a job down there this summmer, so i will
have to live down there....i dont know if id be able to do
that for the whole summer cus that is a long time away from
my parents and everything.... i think i would come home for
a couple days every couple of weeks so i could be with my
family and everything! Yeah soo..... I think i am getting
sick again cus my mind is just messed up and i cant really
think straight....i dont know what to think actually, that
is how i will describe it... i think i will go to bed early
so i can catch up on my sleep!! Well, i am ganna head 'er
out! Later All!!! ~Me

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