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2003-05-08 15:03:15 (UTC)

hello world

wow. I guess Im incredibly speechless. I don't do to well
with writer's block? There isn't anything significant
enough to write about. ever. so that's why I always resort
to lying, always have to make bogus shit up. I never feel
like I amount to anything special. Maybe I could talk about
that. Im sure there are other people out there who relate
to what Im saying, I just wish I knew who they were. I wish
I had a new kitty to gush about, or a real boyfriend to
giggle about...but I don't, and never have, and prolly
never will. So Im stuck here, in my Catholic school's
library, writing illegally in my diary. OOOo what if Im
caught?? Heck fucking yea, then they could suspend me from
this GODDAMN school and I will finally be out of this nazi
institution. Sigh, but Im not that lucky. Shit. shit. shit.
shit. The bell's gonna ring. I have to go to government.