Oh,The Insanity
2003-05-08 14:31:06 (UTC)

Truth is just like time...it catches up

Add another month to my living at home. I had it all
planned out that I would move in June, but I guess July is
more "practical" or some shit like that. Anyways, the idea
of moving in with my Aunt is done. I'll go straight to
living with Adam, which poses a few
problems...like...JOBS. I'm so sick of Canandaigua and the
people here, they're all so childish and it pisses me off.
I want to get out, move on, blah blah...same old shit. He
loves her, but I love him and so does that other one but
that guy wants her...all bullshit.
Everything here, in Fantasyland is wonderful...except for
the whole LACK OF MOVING...if you can't tell this pisses me
off immensly.
I'm going now before my eye falls out...
Cordially your's
Em the Flying Frog