and smashed it into because
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2003-05-08 05:10:46 (UTC)

sexual activities committee

nothing much going on now...just stupid typical "teenage"
problems (i don't like to think of myself as a teenager;
that word seems to cast a shadow of immaturity) --no date
for prom, an AP test i'm going to fail, various school
assignments, not to mention concern for those considering
sexual activities...(sound's kind of like some school
related extra-curricular..."have you signed up for the
sexual activities committee?" hmm...that committee would
have some interesting meetings)

life is ok though. i mean, i don't have cancer or AIDS or
leukimia (sp?) or hangnails (currently), so it's great
compared to some peoples lives (hangnails can really be
traumatizing, you know.) i just finished reading a play
about this woman w/ cancer, yuck, it was depressing.

i think that things are reletively good for me now, and not
in a "i am obligated to be happy because others have it so
much worse" sense, but in an "ok, i can handle this" sense.