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2003-05-08 04:32:36 (UTC)

my life

well i no i havent written in a long time but i have been
really busy. Well my life is basically the same as last
time i wrote. It is great at school with my boyfriend but a
little hazy with certin friends. I have a problem with this
girl that likes my boyfriend but she is one of my best
friends and i have known her for a while and i feel really
bad for going out with johnny and having her like him i
mean i didn't know she liked him until a few days ago. when
i was already going out with him.BUt i don't no what to do
abhout it! i mean i am not breaking up with him but i don't
no what to tell her. she tells me that she is fat and ugly
and that she didn't have a chance with him anyways but that
just makes me feel even worse well i got 2 go i'll write


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