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2003-05-08 02:21:02 (UTC)

im writing again

Hey all!

I'm sorry i haven't written much lately but as most of
you know i am a very busy lil girl. I am on a high right
now. i have been for a while. It's just like no one is mad
at me or im not upset with them and everything is working
out my way. (not that the mad thing is a normal occasion)
Everything has been goin good except for that lowsy dream i
had last night. it was absloutely horrible i'm tellin ya.
and i don't know why i dreamt it either. i deffinately dont
think about what i dreamed. Anywayz...like I said right now
life is going good. And i am glad to hear from you guys
that you do still read this thing. You have now inspired me
to write. (which is what i am doing now) but just kiding i
have to go. ill write later tho. bye bye