Lenore the fool

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2003-05-08 01:58:24 (UTC)


And I am waiting here to get rejected
Ready to be dissmissed again
If i'm gone what will it really matter
All you think about is I wasn't there
What would happen to you
I'll tell you what would happen
You'd find somebody else
This new best friend
Some new and improved version of me
It won't be that hard to find
Just open your eyes
I'm tried of this
I'm tired of being pushed to the back
I'm tired of not being the important one anymore
The one you can live without
I know you can
No shit
But do you have to treat me like that
If you're treating me that way
Why the fuck amI still here
Should I just go
Should I just die
Most likely yes
But I
I am too much of a coward
And I know it
I have too much hope
But you
But everyone like you
You'll fix me of that won't you
You don't want me
I'm gone