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2003-05-07 23:40:43 (UTC)

Single again

Last Thursday, I broke up with Andrew. He told me that his
job is taking up alot of his time and the only free amount
of time off he will have is in September. I told him that
this wasn't going to work for me or him so we both broke up
mutually. I wasn't sad, because the fact that we broke up
because of time management and not because that I didn't
love him. I was dissapointed that it ended so soon, I
thought we had a good thing going.
This week I've been revising and trying to get my head
around my topics, so far I think I'm ok with 2 of the 4
exams, the rest needs a bit more time for revision. On
Tuesday I went to Michael house and talked about a few
things. We went to Bexleyheath, looked around in the shops
then went back to his place and took a few pictures on his
Today I went to work (oh btw I put the gym thing on halt
until June when the exams are out of the way), came home
around 6.45pm and went online. I went of Faceparty again
and I talked to a few people. A guy messaged me on the chat
room, asking me if I felt like talking. I went sure and we
spoke. We talked about alof of things, music, life etc.
Along the conversation (his name is Nik) I asked him what
was this all leading to and he said that he wanted
something more, I too felt the same. We exchanged numbers
and he phoned me for a 5 minute conversation. We talked, we
laughed, we bitched :D. He lives in Berkshire, so I think
that ok to go to, hopefully we can make something of this.
Take care now...