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2003-05-07 23:37:06 (UTC)

Basics for Wednesday, May 7, 2003


** Laundry
** Doctor's appointment and grocery shopping in Junction
** Bake barbequed chicken for potluck
** Make peach cobbler
** Pay bills

DINNER: Potluck supper at UMC

WHAT'S IN JOHN'S LUNCHBOX: Off today (but may be called
into work)

QUILTING: None. Cleaned up sewing room.

WHAT I'M GRATEFUL FOR: Being able to take a nap this

READING: The Lammas Feast by Kate Sedley

WEATHER: Cool and cloudy with a few showers and highs in
the upper 50s

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Return Aimee's CDs with a thank you
card; mail Mother's Day cards

QUOTE: What a blessing it is that even in this age of
efficiency there are still some small, inexacting household
chores that have to be done by hand. In moments of sudden
deep grief, or the overburden of anxiety, or unbearable joy,
such simple things as pressing a pan of cooked apples
though a sieve or sweeping a kitchen floor, or making up a
bed with fresh, clean sheets, can be genuinely steadying.
Somewhere I want to keep a few unimportant hand chores, so
that I can get them out in times of need, like the candles
kept in the buffet drawyer for the infrequent
but inevitable times when the electric current fails. ~
Rural Free: A Farmwife's Alamanc of Country Living