ramblings of a madwoman
2003-05-07 23:24:07 (UTC)


Don't you just love my positively nonsensical titles for my
journal entries? I'm trying to avoid the trite "Why me" or
lamer song titles that appear so often in.. uhh...
livejournals and whatnot. They irritate me.
A lot of things irritate me!
But not sushi, I just like sushi a whole lot.

Days seem to be dragging right now. I've got five weeks
left, the end never comes. Of course, ten years from now,
I'll barely remember this last year. Or I'll remember it
with insane clarity. Either way, freaky-deaky.

I keep hearing about these neat movies that will never be
released in this area.
Bubba Ho-Tep- Starring Bruce "Jesus Christ" Campbell and
Ozzie Davis as Elvis and a black JFK in a retirement home,
respectively. It looks so surreal and awesome, but I'll
probably never get to see it!

Live Freaky, Die Freaky- I don't even know what this is
about, besides being a puppet-animation about Charles
Manson and his creep "family". All I really care about is
that Davey Havok of AFI is doing a voice for it. Now, I'm a
pretty well-adjusted person for the most part (don't
laugh!!) so I'm entitled to my occasional bizarre celebrity

Or frequent bizarre celebrity crushes. Another list:
Kenneth Branagh
David Bowie
Davey Havok
James Marsters
Alyson Hannigan

Yeah, so I have the "list". Anyone who says they don't is
either a boldfaced liar, or a true anomaly.

I love popsicles. Especially the ones from the good people
at Good Humor. Gentle sirs, I love your frozen, coloured
and flavoured SugarWater(tm). My parents got me a bigass
variety box from Costco and ever since, I've had a popsicle
in my mouth. Mmmm Tingle Twisters.
Phallic symbols? Naaaaah! Come on now, I'm a sweet girl,
all peppermints and innocence.

Grrr... I have to buy Jeff's birthday gift today, and I've
got no idea of what to get him. I know what I originally
wanted to get him is probably a dumb idea considering that
I don't think his computer could handle it right now,
especially if he's gonna get a new mean machine within the
next year or so. I'm just blank when I try to think of
something. I guess I'll hit Future Shop some time this
evening and just scream "I know nothing about computers!"
to get a hungry salesperson's attention.

Allo? Anyone? My children need wine!
Or something like that.

Hehehehe Hump-Day.

That is all.

VNV Nation- Darkangel