malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-05-07 21:22:14 (UTC)

"the tragedy is, we don't"

i live in a world where there is no one to look up to and
nothing to look forward to.
i live inside myself and i take little notes on all of
the "things" people do.... all of the silly, little ,things.
and there is no one to talk to.
and there is nothing to say to any one .
because they live OUTSIDE.
that's the trouble with people. they live outside
themselves and spend all their time studying themselves,
from the inside, looking out, you see your SELF, your true
S E L F mirrored in other people. in their jealousy, and
their hate, admiration. Hate is love with a chip on its
shoulder and optimism is pessimism on acid. it all boils
down to the same thing


we sit and die, minute by unregainable minute. we could
die at any moment, "the tragedy is, we don't"


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