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2003-05-07 20:44:36 (UTC)

The ABC's of humanity

Okay, it's time to rant. On the way home from school
today, I was reading the school paper, and at the back
there was an ad about abstinence. I'm not saying I
disagree with the concept, but it set me off.
I love the United States, don't get me wrong. I'd
rather live here than anywhere else in the world. However,
I can't stand living smack in the center of pseudo-
Christian America. Unfortunately, I don't know about the
rest of the country, because I've lived in this sheltered
hole all my life; but here in Utah, people are so set in
their beliefs that they're convinced the basic human
instincts and impulses are wrong. Lately, this has started
to grate on my nerves unmercifully.
To say that these things are wrong is to say that
humanity itself is a sinful mistake made by God. Yet to
present this perfectly logical statement is--to most--
blasphemous and heretical.
I'll give some examples. Anger, in and of itself, is a
perfectly natural and healthy human emotion. There is
nothing wrong with getting angry, it's a part of what we
are. Some, however, seem to struggle against this, and
tend to believe they've somehow failed if they allow
themselves to be agitated to the point of their temper
heating up. THIS is an incorrect viewpoint. Anger is not
wrong. For all the churchy types out there, there are
accounts in the various bibles of Jesus Christ and even God
himself blowing his lid. What older brother, when he finds
his younger siblings desecrating something in which he
places great value, doesn't get angry and chase off the
runts, usually with a few good bruises to remind them not
to do it again? What true father, upon learning not only
of the death of his eldest son, but who was responsible,
where they are, and that he can do whatever he pleases with
them and there's nothing they can do to stop him, wouldn't
go tearing after them in a fit of blind rage? The
phrase "righteous" is used many times in conjuction
with "wrath" and "anger" in the scriptures. Were this base
emotion wrong, that would be a contradiction in terms, thus
disproving the bible and bringing all of organized religion
down around your ears.
Pleasure, as well, is viewed as an instrument of the
Devil. I'll digress in that it can be. Rape and other sex
crimes ARE wrong and should be punished. However,
indulgence in pleasureful activities between two willing
parties, regardless of age, ethnicity, wether or not
they're married, or any of that other crap, is NOT A SIN!
Society (at least Utah society) has gotten to the point
of "if it feels good, it's wrong"! This is more than I can
stand! I'll admit, I was raised in the LDS church, and as
such have morals which some may consider to uptight.
However, since "falling away" from their faith, I've had
some changes of heart, and this has been one of them. I'm
not saying I'm going to go out on the town looking to fuck
every girl I come in contact with, but there is absolutely
NOTHING wrong with participating in activities to arouse
pleasure between myself and a girl who's just as willing
and eager as I. Attraction and lust are basic parts of
human composition, to deny these is to deny ourselves.
A little off topic, I just have to rant on a previous
error of mine here, as well. I'm sure I've mentioned her
before, and I probably will many times yet, but as this is
my journal, I may do as I please. One of my biggest pet
peeves is the girls who choose to be religious only when it
suits them. I don't know if this happens among other
faiths, but Mormon girls are notorious for having
boyfriends when they're 11 or 12 years old and, instead of
facing up to the truth and admitting that they're breaking
the rules, they'd rather try to keep it all in secrecy.
All this time, the boy has no fucking clue what the hell is
going on, all he knows is that he's going out with a girl
who he's attracted to and when they're together it makes
him feel good. I know this from experience. For the first
little while it's all good, they only get close in
private. Then, the boy figures, "we're going out" so he
tries to get close to her in public. All of a sudden, she
doesn't even know who in Hell he IS. After being totally
confused all damn day, the girl calls him after school and
explains that she likes him, she just doesn't feel
comfortable being close in public.
I can tell you right now, that's a load of
BULLSHIT!!!!! She doesn't give a flying fuck about being
comfortable with it, she's just afraid that after everyone
sees them together word will get around to a clergymember
and she'll get in trouble for dating before she's supposed
to. So, again, rather than just face it and admit she's
breaking a rule, she'd rather sin twice by trying to cover
it up. Of course this isn't going to work, because boys at
this age will brag every little detail to their friends,
who will tell it to their friends, and so on.
If you haven't figured it out by now, I hate "good
little Mormon girls." They're a waste of time, money,
effort, and the body they're put into. I don't think they
should become sluts, but the way I see it, God (or whatever
deity(s) you believe in) gave you this nice body, so why in
His name should you be afraid of it?
Just so I don't get a flood of email cursing me to the
devil even from the people who aren't uber-zealots, I again
digress in that "moderation in all things" is good advice.
Nothing should be taken to extremes, however if you're
afraid or forbidden to learn the ABC's, how the FUCK do you
expect to move on to trigenometry, literature, and all the
other components of humanity which are actually complex?

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