No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-05-07 20:30:50 (UTC)


Hey! How are you guys? I'm stressed...really bad. Kinda
jumpy too.
Ok, so the WHOLE class in English Hon. has to make a film
of Julius Caesar in 2 weeks! We only get 2 weeks! It's been
a week already and were on act 2 of 5 acts. Not many people
are doing what they should. It's a 2000 point movie and
were in competition against 4th period hon. Whoever wins,
everyone gets an A, but the losers all get B's. I have
worked so hard this year on my grades. I want a 4.0. If I
get a B, it'll drag me down and then all this hard work so
far will be for nothing. That'll make me so so so mad. I
will go postal on the people who fuck this up. People are
saying others are sluts and whores for their togas. HELLO!
TOGAS GO ON ONE SHOULDER! One exposed shoulder doesn't make
someone a whore! Thanks. Anyways, people aren't being very
corroperative and aren't doing what they should. Not too
cool. It's really stressing me out!!!
The last 2 weeks are hard on me every year. I had a bad bad
dream last night about some things that happened when I was
little. Then, I was sitting in my room and I dazed (I
was "geekin" in Mulberry terms) and I had a day dream about
some things and I dont know if it was a dream or a
flashback. I've been stressed lately...*sigh* My bath the
other night helped though.
I think Kristina is mad at me...whatever I did I am sorry.
You're a great friend and I dont want to loose you. :D
Well, I'm gunna let you guys go. Later. Have a good day!