for show and tell
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2003-05-07 07:33:27 (UTC)


Samulus is gone down the river some. Mars Sid gonna catch
up to him and beat his skull in with a heavy rock. And it
will be good. Yes. Two weeks, my friends, in Floridadadada.
And without yon connection with that which he visits most
in a 6-hour day.

I'm not deprived for some reason, like it turns out I am
when he disappears. I think it's because he didn't
disappear. He left. And I know where he is and when he's
coming back. I need a life. And I think I got one, sort of.

I applied for staff, my friends. Will I get payed? No. Will
I have fun? Yes. Is it for profit? No. Is it a real job?
Sort of. I'm not getting payed, but it's an important
responsibility. And the guy hasn't even said anything yet!

His name (obviously a pseudonym) is Cid, and I E-mailed him
some half or so hour ago, and he hasn't replied yet, since
it's night and all, and he would be sleeping, unlike me,
but I sounded all right, I think. I mean, I do have basic
HTML skills. Basic is anything from stand-alone flags to
anchor flags. That's basic. And that's what I know. But I
suppose he wants me to deal with tables and frames, and I
suppose I can work on that. Nick can help me. ;_; I hope.

Yeah... I also have an interest in actually making the
site. It would be nice to work on sections of a site and
create things people will read and can use.

I think the site is barely starting, or if it isn't, it's
down in a slump now. I suppose I can bring traffic to it.
I'll put a banner in my PF sig. That way some Square
lovers, like yours truly, could go see and whatnot.
Blurgle. It's obviously gotten traffic at some point. It
was in a search engine. That's how I found the bone dry


Whoo, that was long. gonne sneeze. Whoo! That felt good!
The end. Excuse me.