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2003-05-07 07:22:02 (UTC)

Sonic Sucks

That just happens to be where I work. I gave up my $8 an
hour job for a $5.50 an hour job as a cook. I know what
you're thinking: why? The first job was boring. I would
fall asleep while working. I know, I know. Getting paid
for sleeping is good, right? Wrong. I need to be
intellectually stimulated. Given, Sonic doesn't help much
with that, but at least I'm awake. It's 2 in the morning
right now and I'm getting sleepy fast. I'm kind of excited
because in a couple of weeks I'm going to Texas with some
friends of mine for a big get together, so it's going to be
really cool. Heather went back home to Kansas because the
school semester for her college ended. I won't get to see
her for another few weeks, so I'm pretty excited about
that, too. I wrote her a poem, and the opening line made
her cry she missed me so much. I had Jacque out of my
system (I know, "not her again!), but now that she's
pregnant, it makes me think a lot (and we know that me
thinking is not good, right? ;) ). Things can never be the
same ever again between me and her. Ever. Even if I
wanted to be a friend, she would never have time between
her soon-to-be-born child, her work, and her over jealous
boyfriend. If he ever tried to start something with me,
I'd like to say "hey, don't get mad at me; it wasn't me
that got your girlfriend pregnant," but I can't because
that's just too harsh. Who reads this slop? If you're
reading this, then you must get a kick out of my boring,
pathetic life, or something is seriously wrong with
you. :) Anyway, I guess I'd better go so I can wake up and
go to work. Go me. In case you missed it, there was both
sarcasm AND lack of enthusiam in that last two-word
sentence. Night.

Dave Henderson, come on down!
It's time to play The Price is Right!
I love that show.