Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-05-07 04:36:32 (UTC)


Well it has happened. I have met Nicole. I went to her
house after I got off at the Library tonight. So, as part
of the deal, I must write a whole entry about Nicole.

So here is the story. I was bored one night during Spring
Break so I was looking in the AOL profiles. I saw hers,
went to her homepage, and I IMed her. She responded and we
talked. Then we talked on the phone for a few weeks. We
saw how well we got along and decided that it was time to
meet. So that's what happened tonight.

Nicole is interesting. We are opposite in many ways. I'm
an Old Schooler (nobody will doubt that) and she's in a
sorority. We have somewhat different perspectives on life
and we come from very different backgrounds. I know we
have, at the very least, learned a lot about each other.

So anyways, enough about me (ewwww that sounds bad). This
is Nicole's entry. She is a beautiful girl. She
definitely has the 3 B's -> brunette, booty, beauty ;).
She has a glowing personality that commands attention. She
seems to always want to know what's going on but in a
different sense than I do. She's a Libra (air sign) and
I'm a Capricorn (earth sign). We complement each other
very well and in a unique way.

As far at dating Nicole goes, we'll have to see. I
wouldn't mind taking her out and seeing what happened. You
never know until you try. However, no matter what happens,
I know she will make something of herself and we'll be
friends. I am happy that I have had the oppurtunity to
know her and I hope that this is the start of something
long and prosperous for each of us....