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what a world
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2003-05-07 03:57:34 (UTC)

Like to say to you but i dont know how?...... Wonderwall

Well today was a decent day. It could have been way better
but im not one to complain. I really miss my best friend
Adrianna i havent seen her since like last friday. Its
weird because lately i have been feeling alone. Its so
weird cause i know people care about me but i just feel
lonely. I really just want to be alone but then i dont i
want to take long walks and stuff. So yeah. I miss
everyone. I miss the times talking with Denise, the time i
spend with Ashley Cristal and Susie. The 5th period
newsstaff chats with Adrianna, The time me Adrianna,
Jasmin, Cristal, and Ashley went to the pub and bowling.
The good times. i wonder what would happen if i were to die
tonight? Would everyone miss me? What would happen? But i
know i still have a long time to live. I want to grow old
and talk walks and watch my kids wrestle. Hahaha. I wish i
was married to a lovely lady and we could watch T.v and eat
T.v Dinners. Then we could light a fire in the fire place
and drink coffee or hot chcolate and listen to music. That
would be so awesome. (Sigh) If only i was in love.

Song of the day: "Wonderwall" by Oasis

Question of the day: I wonder what people think about me?

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