Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-05-07 02:30:34 (UTC)

I have broadband now but bloody hell

Ok, so we finally have a broadband connection at home, but
for some bloody reason we can't access this site from our
computer, i don't bloody well know why not, but it's
pissing me well off... so here I am, one week after my
last entry and just all cut up about the fact that I can
hardly use my daily diary entry at the moment... I'm at
uni right now, which is my reason for writing at the
moment. So I guess I'll just fill ya'll in right now with
brief descriptions of each day from the past week. (I
wanna write so much though, but there's just too much to
say, so brief descriptions it shall be I guess.)

Last Thursday
Hmmm, can hardly remember. I rember from this day, talking
to Phil and Belinda on the Phone, and then talking to Gab
about a whole heap of shit that I can't be bothered to go
into about. hmmm, I think that's all.

Last Friday (big day)
Well this was quite a big important day.
I went to uni for like 30 mins to publish my reviews on
the net. Ummm then me and philyo went to the city, got
lunch and went to this richo pub. I bought a Becks Beer
and it cost $6.60.. bloody hell, expensive bastards. I
always have to get the nice stuff don't I... heheh... Me
and Phil went and saw X-men 2 after that, which was quite
enjoyable, and also a lot of fun after you've had a couple
of drinks. Ummmm, then we met up with Belinda, and shortly
later we met up with Gab and Kaelah. Hmmmm, I said
something to Gab that made her feel sad, which I really
regret and was seriously most honestly a joke. I hate my
sense of humour sometimes, like it's really quite unique I
feel, but sometimes I know it's really hurtful to others,
and I hate when I do that, it happens too often, so
anyways Gab ended up going out to dinner with alecia and
Jessie, and me, Phil, Belinda and Kay went and got a small
amount of drinks and went and had them in the Gardens...
things were very cool until we met these drinko bogans who
tottally fucked our night over. To make a long story short
Kaelah went off with one of them, I went to try and find
her to make sure that this guy wasn't gonna do anything to
her, and then her bag got robbed off like $500 worth of
stuff, cos I left it with those other guys. Fuck, I'm a
dick head for doing that, and now Kaelah hates me or
something and she hates Gab too, which is just wrong, cos
Gab did absolutley nothing to her. And that is upsetting
me more than anything cos I can tottally understand why
she would be angry at me, but Gab did nothing and it's
hurting her stacks. It's just really stupid, I'm so sick
of it all. Just so sick of all this. This isn't
friendship, it's something else and I don't like it
anymore. hmm anyways, Belinda slept over my house, which
wasn't planned, and yeah it was great hanging out with
her, she's the coolest and I hadn't seen her for ages.
She's a real cool cat that girl Belinda. Hmmm so that was

Last Saturday
I woke up, went to work, dropped belinda off home on the
way cos she lives across the road from amazing paints (my
work). Umm, went out to Youth and played there that night.
that's about it.

Went to church, came home, bought some smokes with nathan.
Stayed up that night, had some drinks from the old carton
of XXXX bitters under my bed. The beer was so good this
time round, just so icy cold.. and refreshing, very good.

LABOUR DAY: did some uni work, wrote my monologue for my
assessment, made chandies with my brother. they're alright
but I think Cameron over rated them.

Dowloaded Beatles and Floyd and other scallywag forms of
music all day. Became quite mellow and had a cry, which
felt quite good. Arrghhh.. my broken heart..it's not fixed
at all (oh well at least I can admit it) But I don't think
I'm weak that I still Love Gab, in fact I think it shows
strength.. I mean I honestly wish I didn't love her, but I
do, and I have to accept that, it's true, and I'm not
going to make myself not love her, cos that's just not
being honest to myself. I just have to accept that I love
somebody I can't be with, I know that.

Well so far I have been to two uni tutorials today, and
that is about it. I am going to the theatre tonight. That
will be fun. The play is called "still standing". I may
write about it later. I hope this site works on my home
computer soon, cos I really wanna getback to writing in
here everyday, cos there are a lot of things that i am
missing out on writing about. Oh wells, until next time I
suppose.. bubye!