A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-05-07 02:15:04 (UTC)

Being Sick Sucks

lets see...its so hard to come up wit those lil lets see BEING SICK SUCKS!!! my
throat has been killin me for like a week! URG and we have
to do the play for the school on thursday...i have no idea
what ima do. but anywayz...lets see what did i do and tony went to the library to work on
my was funny as hell...we went to mcdonalds and i
put all the onions from my burger on top of on the
INSIDE on top but on the OUTSIDE of the bun...i told him it
looked too yea..i know..sad...lets see..i got
home and jt came over and then we were chillen then...i had
to go to get my hair highlighted n jt was gunna come to
keep me company...BUT we get there and the lady thats
SUPPOSED to do my hair had left...then they were like well
we can have sumone else do it and i was like "hell naw the
last time sumone else other then sabrina did my hair ya;ll
fucked it up" ((i was a lil pissed..could ya tell??)) but
the lady that was there was givin me this weird look and
was like well we can bring u in here at 3 on thursday n i
was like i dont even get outta school till 2:45...then
finally she was like ok fine how about 3:30 and i was like
thats fine and walked was an INTRESTIN day...o
yea and lester moved BACK in today...when i go to college
ima get an Apt. move in once leave whenever i chose to. but
yea i guess thats all for now...holla at u playaz lata

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