Four Rooms
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2003-05-06 23:30:52 (UTC)

A little boy...

I was once asked by a little boy, "What do you do?" This
question perplexed me, because I had never really thought
about it. Sure, I'm just a student, and I'll be one for a
while, but was this little boy asking for just a simple "I
go to school," or was he asking for more?

So, after thinking for a moment, I replied, "Well, you just
asked a great question. You see, there are many ways to
think about that question, and the best answer I can come
up with is that i do whatever the Greater Force tells me."

At this, the boy vanished. I loked around, and saw nothing
but darkness. Slowly, a beach began to form beneath my
feet, and I was greeted by a man and woman walking hand in

"You've been given a test," they said in unison. "A test
that you alone must face, and you alone must pass. Though
you're expecting guidance as to what the quest is, you must
discover this for yourself."

Althought he above story is a work of fiction, the
underlying idea is true. There is a bigger picture in
everything, including life. We're not told what we're
looking for, or how we're supposed to find it.

Each of our own lives is a quest. A quest for peace, love
and appiness. Last year, I learned that I was to discover
what I believed in, and who I am. This test has been
harder than I ever could have imagined, and will prove to
be one of the hardest things I've ever done. As I grow
older, and meet new people, I'm beginning to see my true
self show through all of the masks that we use daily.

Some people today don't question their lives enough. Others
just aren't asking the right questions. For example, don't
just ask "Why do bad things always happen to me?" or "When
do I get a break?" Instead, ask questions like "What's
going wrong in my life?", "What do I want to happen in my
life?", and "How can I make my life better?" WHen
answering these questions, think long and hards about
them. Remember, a new car, or a million dollars, will NOT
make your life happier.

Everyone's quest takes a different path. Some choose solely
religion; others choose family and friends; but still more
choose both. Whatever path you choose, devote your life to
it. It will carry you through the good times and the bad.
Life is a one-way ticket to whatever, if anything, is to
come. Make the best of it.


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