Lost and Searching
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2003-05-06 23:17:31 (UTC)

It's Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I have written in here, i wish i
could say it was from the lack of forgetting and being
busy, but in all honesty no it hasn' seems that i
had developed a respitory virus, which wasn't to bad except
that it suck the life out of me, but when i went in for a
chest x-ray, there was something that showed up that i
wasn't expecting....they found a couple of lumps in my
breast...out of the blue the thought of i
thought i was messed up enough but why not send something
else to screw my day over.....seems the steriods i was
taking have possibly messed up my damn cancer cells, as
instead of letting them die naturally they have SUPER-
CHARGED them......Not sure how i even want this to turn
out........have breast cancer, cut my breast's off...don't
have cancer have to get off the steriods and find something
else to help fight just can't win

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