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Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
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2003-05-06 21:51:09 (UTC)


Today was really weird. At first i was all tired and
gloomy and depressed for no paticular reason... hey, it
happens. Then as the day went on i got all hyper and stuff
and people were like, hey man! whats up... and i was like
NOTHING! it was funny you had to be there! well anyway,
after i got all hyper i got sick and i went to the nurse.
it was like an anxiotey attack or something crazy like
that. i stayed there for a couple minutes till it went
away. well, on the way back to class i went into one of my
friends classes... his teacher is clueless. i sat down and
we were all talking, it was fun. then i went to class
before it began. during class.... (chem with the pot head)
some kids (girls) were talking about how one of the many
male teachers at our school was "hot" and i simply
said "he's a good looking guy" and every single guy in the
class started freaking out. it was pricless. i'm pretty
sure they think i'm gay now... but oh well. the rest of
the day was a drag... hunter came over after school, we
talked about stuff. it was fun.

later, ed