Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-05-06 21:00:09 (UTC)

May the last month

Finally, may has come.... ::sighs:: So much to do
now.... school has always and forever will would be in the
way. It holds me back,and keeps me from what I love doing
the most in life. Whatta pain the arse! Well, soom i'll be
able to say "To hell with this stupid school!" Then I'll be
in home schoolmaking up for all of the credits I've missed.
A tornado came right by our school last night too. A
lot people died too. It's suposed to be raining all week. I
usually LOVE the rain... but I'm like sooooo sick right
now.... I can't get my nose to stop runing!!! ARHGGG!!!! I
can't stand it! Especially if I have to go to school too!!!
I've been buying a lo of crap off the internet lately.
I bought a sniper rifle for paintball war, kendo pants, the
cowboy bebop collection, and the sad part is that I have to
pay it all back into the bank! That money I'm spending is
for me and malinde to go to Orleans some day! :( I also
told astrid that I wanted to take her to the Indian Ocean!
ahhhh.... such mellow... lol
I'm got some things to do today so I'll be around
again sometime. Late!

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