life's weird
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2003-05-06 14:17:39 (UTC)


i hate when people use "like" in every other word. i do it
to though. whe i try to make myself not say like though, i
feel like i cant express myself (that use of like was
acceptable =) its so annoying.
you know what i also hate? i hate that teaching
in 'normal' schools (i actually dont know if my school
would qualify as 'normal'...) isn't geared at all towards
85% of students. (hehe, go patti's class) 85% of us
(including me) cant learn sitting still, so what is the
point of school what u reall only get through the thick
skulls of maybe 15% of the kids (but u cant always count
on those 15% to all pay attention in class). that pisses
me off. so its not my fault i cant pay attention in class!
damn teachers make us sit for 6 hours with our blood
pooling in our pelvis' (and adults wonder why we have such
sex-drives. yeesh!) how am i, a kinisthetic learner and
representative of 85% of students, supposed to get the
education i am paying for when im not even being taught in
a way that i'll learn from? GAH its mind-boggling. welp gtg

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