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2003-05-06 06:59:49 (UTC)

Zer00: you at that guys..

Zer00: you at that guys house--mike?

Czarinapulseczar: nope

Zer00: why?

Czarinapulseczar: not sure...

Zer00: why don't you just go over there?

Czarinapulseczar: I don't think he wants me there

Zer00: just walk in and lay in bed next to him

Zer00: i would love if Lauren did that to me

Czarinapulseczar: his door isn't gonna be open and I have
to work in the morning, he said some mean shit to me, and
he never appologizes anyway--he hurt my feelings.

Zer00: you don't have a key to his house and you've been
seeing him for how long!?

Zer00: thats fucked up

Czarinapulseczar: it would ruin his game if I had a key to
his house

Zer00: he shouldn't need other game when he has you

Czarinapulseczar: he's made it clear to me that he doesn't
feel taht way.

Zer00: have you talked to that dan guy?

Czarinapulseczar: he just got back in town, he called me a
few times ....I just don't wanna get involved w/that..not
only is he in a band but he's always either drunk or
high...and there is no point in me seein gother guys if I'm
in love with someone else...

Zer00: well someone could really blow you away one of these
days you never know

Czarinapulseczar: someone already did...but there is only
so much hurt I can handle you know?

Zer00: you always had guys doin whatever you wanted them to
its hard to believe that this guy can hurt you kel

Czarinapulseczar: Well, there does come a point where you
can push someone so far away that they can't ever come back
and be the same, or come back at all you know?'s
been close a few times....

Czarinapulseczar: For whatever reason (I know you do'nt
know the guy--or live here lol but still!!!) he can't ever
do anything on my know? sleep in my
bed ..just silly shit like that...he wants to feel in

Zer00: it's just hard to believe---the last time I was
around you was when I was a junior--so you were a soph? and
you were going out with danny--and when he found out you
were gonna move he was going to transfer universities to be
with you and all that....

Czarinapulseczar: yeah that was strange...I didn't love the
guy or anything

Zer00: last i heard he was stlil really fucked up over you

Zer00: he hasn't been around for a while though, he changed
when you left

Czarinapulseczar: doesn't matter now lol--he only ever
talked to me once since I moved to Austin, he IMed me one
time and was like "are you happy Kelly?" and I was
like "Where did you disappear to? yeah, I'm happy? how are
yoU?? What have you been up to?" and he was like "at least
one of us is, and I'm glad you are" and just signed
off...I've never heard from him again. I hear he married
that chick he used to fucking hate...Val?

Zer00: lol--they did hang out for a while, i dunno what
happened tho

Czarinapulseczar: yeah well that seems like a lifetime
ago....I didn't know what I wanted back then.

Czarinapulseczar: I gotta get up in the morning-- for work
so I am going to SLEEP! good night, it was good talking to

Zer00: you too kel, g'nite

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