Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-05-06 06:11:28 (UTC)

It's all gravy...

Well, today, there was nothing, but, yesterday, I bought a
paper and flipped through the advertisements, and came
across a FREE CDRW at officemax, so I hustled on over there
and acquired it, plus some also FREE speakers, and came
home, and finally installed them today, and also filled out
their rebate forms, so it's all good.... I'm thinking of
going back and getting some other FREE items, if they still
have them in stock, and sending THEIR rebate forms also.
For 10 bucks, the speakers sound pretty good, with a
seemingly dynamic audible range...(but after the rebate, it
is still FREE)

Just checked the website of the school that I shall be
attending, and they already have their shedules posted, so
i'm pretty sure what days i'll be leaving here, but it
doesn't include the job that i'll be doing there, though..

Out of curiosity, took a couple more online iq tests, (from
sheer boredom additionally, i grant you), and got a 142 on
one of them....i looked at the answers, and plainly didn't
have enough time to answer 3 of them, for their solutions
looked fairly complex and time-consuming, but the other
two, one i missed because i assumed the wrong association
(but still seemed valid!), and the other, I had to beg to
differ, for there were 5 sets of pictures, A through E,
with each having a specific shape overlapping another copy
of itself, and all had a corner overlapping another corner,
except for the triangle shapes, but there was also a circle
overlapping itself, sooooooooo, you are tasked to choose
which one is the odd one first I was circle,
for it did not have any corners, but guess what, i argued
myself away from that totally OBVIOUS fact and thought
instead it was the triangles that was off, for, to me, I
argued almost 3-4 years ago, that a circle was just a
polygon with an infinite amount of sides, so it was FULL of
corners (you just can't see them, lol).... My point is,
some of those problems seemed all relative...

the other test i got a 154, but i didn't record the amount
of time i took to do it, so i probably cheated...oh well,

i used to deal with these types of problems before, when i
used to work for this engineering company, but now, that is
far from the case, and instead, i am applying my brain to
other areas....religion, finances, child rearing,
other words, domestic life things that the average person
usually deals with on a daily basis, and it is all driving
me completely you know why? because there
isn't an absolute solution, it all changes. life, by its
very nature, is unpredictable, so you could only hope to
trim down your own variance to as little as possible
(without getting too bored by the process, you also hope),
but still experience the full rapture of living, etc. etc
etc .....huh? (shrugging, looking stupid on purpose, so
no one will know the reality of the truth of the matter,
and that i actually possess it, (lol, yeah, it's all
relative actually))...

what is the function of a system.... to provide as a self-
perpetuating self-sustaining mechanism to....accomplish
some goal.... define your goals, come up with the parts
necessary to accomplish them, and throw them all together
and make them interact with each other seamlessly......

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