skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-05-06 06:01:22 (UTC)

brand new hero..... A Reel Big Fish song.

Well i have been listening to this song all day and its
made me think about old reletionships and new ones. Oh how
i i really miss those old ones. I mean how often do you get
your first Girlfriend? How often do you get your first
kiss? I mean those were the good days. Am I right? But now
i have people in my life that mean the world to me they
make me forget about all of the old stuff. I have so many
new friends and of course people who have a place in my
heart as someone that i liked or like or you know what i
mean. If my friends wanted something i would give it to
them i would give them the shirt off of my back. I would
even quit wrestling for them if the wanted me to. I really
miss the old days but i would rather have these days with
the people that i love. Denise i know that you may feel a
little hatered towards me but im sorry. Susie you know how
i feel. Ashley you are the coolest. Cristal you are such a
good person. The wrestlers know how i feel about them.
Jasmin is a terrific person. And of course Adrianna my best
friend, I love you and you know that I hope that you and
Jacob work out or at least untill we decide to get married.
And have all of our kids and our house and everything. I
think today has been a day of reflecting. It has made me
apperciate all of the finer things in life. Plus I saw X
men part 2. So that was cool. Well thats how i feel. Also
if you want to know how i feel about you more then what i
said just message me.

Song of the Day: "Brand New Hero" by Reel Big Fish

Question of the day: Who is the love of my life?