Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-05-06 04:16:38 (UTC)

random thoughts

"Second best oh, second best
I can learn to live with this
plus I really need a rest
after all whats wrong with second best,
whats wrong with second best?"
-Pedro the Lion-Second Best-Control

OK you need sleep to keep from staying sick- I totally

The band's been writing songs and they are by far the best
stuff we have ever written and I couldn't be prouder of the
band i am in. Next month we get to put 2 of them down in
a "real" studio the one where TLC and Puff Daddy did their
last albums. And then also next month we have a show at the
hard rock and A&R folks are coming to see us play from
Universal, Dreamworks, and Jay records. wish us luck or
even better come support.

my mom said that..."Christians shouldn't have guns on their
website" is this true?

I can't keep promises with best friends....boy do i suck

It's Thursday and still NO weekend plans...anyone want to
take me up?

I don't know if I mentioned yet but my hair is falling out
I am going to be bald. RARR!

ok I am off to practice and hopefully some sleep

Matthew "random thoughts" Schwartz