Alone I Will Always Be

2003-05-06 03:41:15 (UTC)

Cinco De Mayo

Well today started out great!! after last night i thought
it was gonna suck........ see jimmy told me that nothing
could/would happen between us. and well i was okay with it
at first but then i lost it, tish came on and well i told
her i couldnt be her friend anymore i mean honestly i am
not happy being her friend i seem to be pissed off when
ever me and her are together yea i have fun but...... shes
not my best friend and i dont think she ever will be! dont
get me wrong im still gonna be there for her when she needs
some one to talk to but..... its not gonna be the same way
especially if her and jimmy go back out! i'd cry! I mean i
love eric i do but i mean jimmy and me...... we had
something there and we still do i feel it! and when i get
these feelings.......there always right i mean i told them
that all 3 of us going to julies party was gonna be too
wierd and what happens?? take a guess?? if you guessed that
it was way to wierd your right and your prize is in the
mail!! lol! but anyways back to today! i was having a great
day it was really long though...... but come 6th hour
Mr.Klett came to get me outta class....... and yelled at me
stupid ass hole! i hate him!!! i do! and i hate Mr.
Brestbecker!! omg do i hate him! but yea so i came home and
took a nap got up around 7 and called eric! well last night
me and brittney played alil joke on him and well he is
mad! :( but he will get over it hopefully!! but so we
talked and stuff then he had to go b/c there was a tornado
down by him and he wanted to call his cousins to see if
they were ok! and so brittney calls and we talk aout going
to nun camp! eric isnt too happy about that! lol!! but yea
we are going over summer break to become nuns!! fun right!
well i think it will be!! anyways! better get going i have
to take a shower finish writing eric his letter and then go
to bed!