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2003-05-06 02:55:40 (UTC)

My pAraNoiD thOughT...

Oh my dear, It's been a very long time that I haven't
record my life story in this diary.

Well, alot things had happend in my life recently, and I
feel moderate now - not too good, not too bad.

Today I have little argument wit Maro, and it always
because of me. Come on, take it easy pal! who wants bf? he
doesn't worth it!! haha..

I want to be a selfish person! I don't care watever will
people think about me! that is life: "who strong, he win"

my analysis for today:
"be positive: stong will win, weak will lose"
"be negative: totally will be a loser"
However, it is not totally true. We also need to see the
situation: time, place, environment, people, etc...

Oh shit, I aware that I am down-to-earth now. Should calm!
be wise! no thinking! just shut ur-fucking-mouth!

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