hello kitty cat
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2003-05-06 02:34:40 (UTC)

I need some new friends...

Mangled: haha what was up with the mean look
CzarinaPulseczar: I didn't give you a mean look I was
waving at you..that means hello
Mangled: haha
Mangled: i said hi..and you were like...uh eh haha
CzarinaPulseczar: no I was waving at you and you walked
by me, so I figured that meant you just wanted to go..and I
didn't hear you say hi, because I was in a car with my
windows closed.
Mangled: noooo i was waving...and it looked like you were
like GROSS why is she talking to me haha
MangledRuler: so i was like uhh ok
MangledRuler: and kept walking
CzarinaPulseczar: well,you misunderstood hun

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